YouTube Ads

YouTube marketing is an area where you can have phenomenal commercial success. I began promoting videos on YouTube back in 2013 but between 2015 and 2017 I reached over 3 million viewers across 10 countries for one video in the auto parts sector targeting the B2B sector only!

YouTube is owned by Google, it’s a highly adaptable medium, offering very strategic targeting, that if managed correctly has a low cost per video view.

I’ve carried out hundreds of  YouTube campaigns and hold a Google Partner specialism in YouTube.

  • Want to show your promotional video to people within five miles of your premises – no problem!
  • Want to show your video to people who have visited your website recently – no problem!
  • Want your ad to show before popular viral videos that are related to what you sell – no problem!
  • Want to show your ads and video to people who are already looking online to purchase similar products to yours – no problem!
  • Want to create brand awareness worldwide – no problem!

There’s a myriad of tactical ways to use YouTube to target your potential customers. Contact me if you’re looking to plan a campaign, or need someone experienced to manage your YouTube campaign and deliver great results.

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