Paul Keene offers expertise above and beyond the norm and that understands just how important it is for you to save money in all the right places when it comes to your digital marketing.

The company was started many ‘SEO moons’ ago by official Internet geek Paul Keene. A bit of a rarity in the field, Paul’s knowledge of SEO is proudly built on experience and not ‘fluffy theories’ and as the Internet changes, Paul has changed with it, making Little Big Voice always one step ahead of the game.

His story is pretty unique though. When he built his first e-commerce website selling hotel rooms back in 1998, he waited and waited and waited for his first booking and knew at that rate he’d be out of business if he didn’t get wise and figure out how to change things. So, armed with a shoestring budget (perhaps even only half a lace) no money for advertising and determination, Paul went on a quest to learn SEO the hard way, on his own!

Building and adapting regularly on the lessons of those lean times, Paul, the official SEO geek gained expertise that was both practical and ‘streetwise’ and through his success, he became very good at adopting the same principles for his own client’s websites.

From little acorns through to what are now oak tree size businesses with multi-million pound turnovers, his specialty is working with small and medium sized businesses who have big plans for their presence online.

Now the team is bigger, but Paul still plays a massive part in the strategies involved and he is one of the few people who still has time for his clients, is available for that ‘quick question’ and who cares enough about your business to take the time listen and understand.

If you’re looking for an SEO company that will simply deliver the basics, then Little Big Voice won’t be for you. But if you want a dedicated team with knowledge, tools, a bespoke approach and lots of practical experience to help your company cut through the competition and dominate the search engines, you should contact us or give us a call.