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Paul Keene

Thanks for visiting my website. A little bit about me – I was born in London in 1968 (making me a sprightly 51 years old!), I live in Chigwell with my wife Talya, two kids and three dogs. During the day I live and breathe digital marketing. In my spare time I enjoy spending quality time with Talya, who also helps me run the business and the kids. When I get the chance I enjoy mountain biking around the South East of England.

Paul & Talya Keene

I got into digital marketing by accident back in 1998 (the same year Google was founded) whilst working for a travel agent. In my spare time I built my first website selling hotel rooms in London, I waited for my first booking and nothing happened. I knew that I needed to figure out how to sell online and fast. I went on a quest to learn how to get my website to the top of Google, on my own with nobody to show me the ropes – my passion for SEO had begun!

In 2001 Google launched Adwords and almost immediately I began experimenting with it. I quickly realised that if Adwords was badly implemented, money could be lost very quickly. However with tactical thinking, the right skills and patience, Adwords can reap big rewards. I’ve continued to this day to work in both Organic Search (SEO) and Adwords, and am a certified Google Partner.

Building and adapting over the years, I still make a point of continuing to gain expertise in new emerging areas of digital marketing including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail.

the office dogs
The office dogs – Homer & Dillan

I always have time for my clients, I’m available for that ‘quick question’ and I care enough about your business to take the time to listen and understand before taking on a new project.

With an ever growing choice of ways to advertise online, things can get confusing and misunderstood. Often when I speak to a client for the first time what they think they need, is not actually what they need. I’m happy to explain how things work and advise you on what will work best for your business.

If you want a dedicated individual with knowledge and 20 years experience to help you cut through the competition, you can contact me. Enjoy my site and do let me know if I can help you now or sometime soon!


If you would like to ‘stand-out’ from your competitors and get a top level digital marketing service from a team that really cares, call us now on 07958 422398 or drop us an email.

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